Immunity to an HPV Virus


Long story short had cervical dysplasia (mod to high grade) had a LEEP and all was well.  Had baby #4 and 8 months later it was back.  I had moderate dysplasia and again was HPV positive.  I had decided last time around that I wanted to try a most holistic approach if there was a next time.  So I ordered Beta-mannan and tried it for 3 months as they recommend.  Went for another coloposcopy and the Beta-mannan had brought it down from MODERATE to MILD... BIG WOW! So I called the company and they sent me 10 bottles for F R E E! and suggested that I do another 3 months. I did.  Went last week for a follow up pap and today I got my call.  I of course thought is was bad news because the doctor said she would only call if there was a problem.  She said that the endocervical canal and the cervical paps were both NORMAL!  ANOTHER WOW!  She was really just calling to get the number to the Beta-mannan company for another patient : )  I am going to go back in 3 months for a follow up pap.  

This has truly been a blessing to me.  I know that tons of women struggle with this issue and I wish that more people knew about this supplement.  The offer a money back guarantee if it doesn't work for you. Brandi